Why rebrand?
We changed the brand name when the world lost its sense of irony.

Read on .......... was certainly the right name to use in 2002, when the site and service was originally launched. Other Internet brands of the time included Yahoo, Google, and All departures from classic business names that proceeded the Internet. Wacky and memorable was the call in those far off early days of the 'net. The Oxford Dictionary of British Slang defines a Diamond Geezer as 'A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man, a good solid reliable person'. So as well as being unforgettable the brand name did, by definition, deliver qualities and a mission statement that was and is what this family firm is all about. It's also true that at that time the jewellery industry saw the Internet as a down-market medium and we fully expected to be selling 'budget' diamond products circa 100 to 500 pounds. What actually happened took us all by surprise and at the end of the first year our average sale was £1,800 ($2,376). Our average sale at compare the is currently £3,200 ($4,224)

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